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The only bicycle repair shop that comes to you. That is real comfort! Get an appointment now.

We are the only bicycle repair shop in Bielefeld near me, that solves all problems with your bike, e-bike or cargo bike conveniently and quickly right at your doorstep.

Not yet available in Bielefeld

We are preparing the launch in Bielefeld. On this page you will find out how flashfix works in detail, what our fixed price packages look like and in which business area exactly we will offer our bike service at launch.

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From now on you don't need to push your broken bike to the bike repair shop. Unlike other bike repair shops, we come to our customers' homes, offices or parks and repair their bikes right on the spot.

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Our bicycle repair shop Bielefeld near me

Who does not know this situation? You get up, look out the window over Bielefeld and the sun is smiling at you. Wonderful, today I ride my Road bike to work. But when I get to the yard I can't believe my eyes, the saddle and light are broken. My favorite bicycle, which I wanted to use now and love so much, is all of a suddenly broken! Well, I guess there is no other way than off to the Bicycle repair shop and fast. Now, if only there was someone who could help me directly and come to me instead of having to push the broken bike all the way to the bicycle repair shop Bielefeld near me. But that reminds me ... there is flashfix! If they have parts like Sunrace Chain 6/7 Speed and work with brands like Sage Titanium, then of course they can help me with my Road bike! Many thanks to flashfix, hurray!

Bielefeld may not exist - but a bicycle repair shop nearby certainly does!

While many still argue about whether Bielefeld really exists, one thing is clear - without Bielefeld, there would be no Dr. Oetker pizza which you should definitely try for a good carbohydrates boost before a long bike ride. In close proximity to the Teutoburg Forest, Bielefeld is a wonderful place for cycling. But finding a quick and convenient bike repair might be difficult - in a city of this size, there are hardly any bike repair shops. Most of them are already booked up weeks in advance. This is where the best mobile bike repair shop nearby steps in - flashfix. We come to our clients all over Bielefeld and repair your bike directly on the spot. If your bike is broken there is a perfect solution: flashfix.

Bike workshop near me in Bielefeld

With our mobile cargo bike workshop in Bielefeld we are continuously on the road and take your bike repair on the spot. In your city we come in our service area in the following districts and boroughs:

The bike repair shop near you for your Road bike, Mountainbike or Pedelec!